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Our Origins

Born as a lockdown hobby, Olli's Crochet combines clean design with high-quality material to create unique, personalized accessories. 

Each Olli's Bag is handmade on demand with a 50 meter satin ribbon from selected suppliers. 

Browse through our sample colours, or enquire to request your favourite shade.

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Handmade crochet bags

The process behind each bag

Each bag begins with a 50 meters reel of high quality satin ribbon, sourced from a British supplier.

Once you place an order, and choose your preferred color, we proceed to order it to make your bag, specifically for you.

We then carefully hand crochet your bag, making sure it respects the highest quality standards and leaves you as satisfied as possible.

As soon as the bag is ready we ship it to you so you can enjoy your little jewel!

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